Hoops Intel,, on December 22, 2014
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By Matt Whitfield

The Gibbs family has been a consistent producer of talent in Northern New Jersey over the last 10 years. First there was Ashton who played at Pitt from 2008 to 2012 where he earned numerous accolades. Then there is Sterling, who currently plays at Seton Hall after transferring from Texas, and leads the Pirates with over 15 points a game as they are off to an 9-2 start this season. The third Gibbs brother is currently a junior at Seton Hall prep and Temple, known as T.J. to most, could possible be the best of them all when it is all said and done.

“I just try and do my best. I’m not trying to play like Ashton or Sterling. I want to play my own game,” said T.J. Gibbs this past weekend at the at the Hoop Group Tip-Off Showcase.

T.J is a good athlete. He has great handle and he sees the floor well. With his long arms and strength he is also solid on defense. With his brothers’ success before him and the exposure he has gained on the AAU trail with the NJ Playaz excelling in the Nike Elite Youth Basketball League it is no surprise he has racked up a good number of early offers from high major programs throughout the country.

Oklahoma, Miami, the locals Rutgers, Seton Hall, St. John’s, Pittsburgh, Boston College, Providence, UPENN, Georgetown have offered off the top my head,” said T.J.

Gibbs also added he’s been on some unofficial visits.

“I’ve been on a couple unofficals. I’ve been to Providence, Boston College, Georgetown, Pitt, Rutgers, Seton Hall, and St. John’s,” said Gibbs.

Having an older brother in college now in Sterling, T.J. has just recently seen what the recruiting process is like and is seeing what it’s like to be a high major Division I basketball player.

“I get to see what my brother [Sterling] goes through but it also helps me see which school is the right fit for me. I’m not the same person as my brother but I definitely see his experience as something I can look forward to and something I can base my opinion of, of where I want to go.”

The athletic 6’3 Gibbs already knows he is looking for a family away from his immediate family in college.

“Just a place where I know that I feel comfortable and I feel like [we’re] a family. I know that’s what we have here. We’re all brother’s here. I want to know that when I go to a school there’s not going to be any separation between the players and players and coaches and players. And that everyone is just one big family and it’s all love there. “

Gibbs has no timetable on his decision but he is hearing from some coaches more than others.

“I talk to a lot of coaches every day. I talk to Ed Cooley (Providence) a lot. I talk to Jamie Dixon (Pittsburgh) a lot and Coach Shah (Shaheen Holloway at Seton Hall). All of them have been [recruiting me] pretty hard and I’m just enjoying it now,” said Gibbs.

Despite being just a rising junior this past AAU season, Gibbs played a key role in helping the Playaz capture the EYBL championship at the Peach Jam. Averaging over 14 points a game during 15 games in the EYBL regular season, he saw his play rise at the Peach Jam where he averaged 17 points in pool action and 15 points a game in bracket play. Now Gibbs is back with his Seton Hall Prep squad and enjoying the season.

“I know what my brothers have done and I try and piggy back off their advice telling me after certain times turn your phone off. After certain times don’t answer and don’t text back. And just make sure I’m enjoying my high school experience while getting ready for college too,” said Gibbs.

Gibbs is certainly well versed in the recruiting process and look for him to continue being a much sought after recruit in the Class of 2016 in the coming month.

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