HoopsIntel Staff,, on December 19, 2014
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By Matt Whitfield

Thon Maker and his brother Matur Maker made headlines this past summer when it was announced they’d be attending Orangeville Prep in Canada. Orangeville Prep has exploded on to the scene this season led by head coach Larry Blunt and assistant Tony McIntyre and now travels frequently to take on many of the toughest high school and prep teams in the United States. Blunt and McIntyre have also successfully led CIA Bounce into prominence on the AAU scene and are now doing the same on the prep school scene.

“It’s good. It’s no different [from being in the U.S.] because we have most of our games over here so it’s kind of similar to playing in the states,” said Thon of his first year at Orangeville.

Younger brother Matur offered a similar sentiment, “It’s great. I got great coaches. Me and my guardian are working everyday and I got great teammates.”

The Makers are perhaps the most coveted brothers in over a decade, even more sought after than the Zeller brothers, as Thon is regarded as the top player in the Class of 2016 and Matur is likely a top 50 player in the class of 2017. Both brothers have already been mentioned in the same breath as some of the NBA’s best by others and themselves.

“Yea, definitely I try to be as aggressive as I can be everytime on the court and play really, really hard. And KG really has that in him and you can’t take that away from anybody if they have it early on,“ responded Thon when asked if he saw a little bit of Kevin Garnett in his game

Younger brother (6’7) Matur sees a bit of Kevin Durant in his game.

“A little bit of Kevin Durant as he shares the ball and he gets some [baskets] for himself as well.”

Both brothers don’t have much to say on their recruitment but both did take an unofficial visit to Kentucky and meet with Coach Calipari.

“He’s a great coach. He uses his guys. He understands he’s got a big team so if they got a small team against them it’ll be a good matchup. ” Matur Maker said of Coach Calipari.

For now though both players seem content focusing on their high school careers. Thon has been called by some the top high school player regardless of class, but he remains focused on the basketball court and not worrying or thinking too much of what recruiters and recruiting analyst’s think.

“I don’t care what they say. I let my game speak for itself,” said Thon.

The Maker brother’s are a must watch for any college coach or any one that likes to wach top tier recruits. At Orangenville Prep under the coaching and conditioning program their game’s should only continue to progress. It is very, very intriguing to think how good these brothers could be two or three years down the road.

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