Corey Evans, HoopsIntel National Recruiting Analyst, on July 18, 2014
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The second and first full day at the Under Armour, The Final event, was a successful one for many of the young pups in attendance. The UA group has a lot going for it in the younger ranks as it looks like it could really give the Nike group a run for its money over the next few years on the grassroots circuit showcasing off some of the very best talent that the high school ranks have to offer. It was 2017 big man, Brandon McCoy that stole the show on Thursday, while many of the younger kids furthered their names on the hardwood.

2015 Aric Holman

2015 Aric Holman

Aric Holman/6’9 Kentucky Hoop Dreams 2015

There is a lot to like about Holman and good reason for his recent blow up in his recruitment. He can hit jumpers from beyond the arc, has the length and quick feet to defend his bucket, and the versatility to play further away from the rim and on either end of the floor. The big man has a 7’3 wingspan and an evolving set of ball skills and gets up the floor with added fluidity. He has good balance down low and quality fundamentals with his back to the bucket and upon gaining the appropriate amount of weight to handle physical play better around the rim, his contributions should increase furthermore.

Diamond Stone/6’10 Young Legends 2015
Stone has had a giant name for some time now and coming off somewhat of a mediocre week a few days back in the Reebok Breakout Challenge, the Milwaukee native was dominant in spurts throughout Thursday. The big man, sporting a thicker upper-half, yet skinner lower-half, took over the glass and lower block and just bleeds intensity. You hear him every time that he is out on the floor competing and he uses his soft hands, good feet, and strong frame to take over the interior and trenches. Showcasing a ginormous 7’5.5 wingspan, Stone plays a lot bigger than his size and when engaged, there just aren’t many more dudes as entertaining to watch than the Legends star.

2015 Nakye Sanders

2015 Nakye Sanders

Nakye Sanders/6’7 New Heights 2015

Maybe one of the biggest sleepers on the east coast in 2015 is the New Heights big man, primarily because he is playing 16-under ball, yet is a 2015, at the current moment. He did voice to me last week that he could possibly reclass to 2016 due to just how young he is, but there is still a lot to like about Sanders, even if he were to graduate and enter college next fall. The big man sports a 7’0 wingspan and a tremendous motor on the glass. He gets great weakside positioning and is vocal in ramping up the tenacity of any given game. The big man never takes plays off and has begun to see a pick up in his recruitment.

Juwan Durham/6’9 Team Breakdown 2016
Quite possibly one of the best high-post big men throughout the high school ranks, the capabilities of Durham on the face-up is quite impressive. The long and lanky big man has a solid motor on the floor and a great feel for the game. He can shoot the 15-footer with ease and makes good reads and passes upon the face and rip. The Tampa native has a young Amile Jefferson-like build, plus another inch or two to his height and length, and does a lot of the small things like guarding outside of his area and denying driving and passing lanes. Look for Durham to continue to progress and enter himself further into the elite prospect category in the coming months.

Dewan Huell/6’9 Team Breakdown 2016
Huell, running alongside Durham on the grassroots circuit, make quite the 1-2 tandem from the high post and low block region. Huell is a beast of a man down low where he is dominant in the low post and has great back to the rim potential as a consistent contributor from 10-feet and in. He can also face his guy up and hit on the pull-up jumper, of which he elevates with balance and confidence. On the other side of the ball, the Miami native is a physical tone setter and doesn’t allow anything to come easy for his opponents around the basket. The Norland High star is a top tier big man prospect in 2016 and will be coveted as such.

2017 Brandon McCoy

2017 Brandon McCoy

Brandon McCoy/6’9 Team Vegas Elite 2017
Having a chance to take in a 15-under game on Thursday evening, McCoy took the show over with his super intriguing body and length (tested in with a 7’3 wingspan), mobility in running the floor more like he was 6’5, and sticking to the glass with his soft hands and quick, light feet. Guys like DeAndre Ayton, Ira Lee, and Cody Riley have made a giant name for themselves within the 2017 crop of bigs out west, however McCoy belongs right in the argument with the aforementioned three. A goofy kid off the floor but a serious demeanor on it, McCoy was able to hit on a face-up 17-footer off the catch and use his backside to seal properly on the block. Moving from Chicago two years back before entering his high school years in San Diego, McCoy belongs firmly in the mix within the top-25 of his class rankings at this current time.

2016 New Heights guard Ty Jerome hasn’t stopped growing and now is near the 6’4 range. He can play either guard spot, doesn’t turn it over, makes the right decision with the ball, and has major grades in the classroom.

2016 Kentucky Hoop Dreams guard Eli Wright is one bouncy guard who can defend his rim, throw down the highlight reel dunk, and make appropriate passes off the deck.

2017 Charles O'Bannon Jr.

2017 Charles O’Bannon Jr.

2017 Team Vegas Elite wing Charles O’Bannon Jr. is going to be a really good one playing out his days in Sin City. He has length off the ball, is a tremendous passer with the ball, and a very well-spoken young man off the floor.

Team Breakdown is such an impressive group of talent. Outside of Huell and Durham, they also showcase high level prospects with the likes of Troy Baxter, Eric Hester, Trey Clemmons, and Herman Williams.

Diamond Stone mentioned that he plans on committing and signing on November 12 and he didn’t seem all too firm on being a package deal with Callaway High (MS) guard, Malik Newman.

Nakye Sanders picked up an offer from Temple last week and interest from Seton Hall.

2015 Stackhouse Elite guard Ahmad Caver lists offers from Troy, Gardner-Webb, UNC-Wilmington, ODU, FGCU, and The Citadel; he stated that FGCU, ODU, and Troy were coming the hardest.

2016 Dewan Huell

2016 Dewan Huell

Dewan Huell listed Miami and Florida State as the two programs coming at him the hardest.

Troy Baxter lists offers from FIU, South Florida, Tennessee, and Kansas State, with interest from Georgia, FSU, Florida, UCF, and Mississippi State.

Juwan Durham stated that Louisville, Duke, Florida, USF, Virginia Tech, and Wake Forest were coming at him the hardest.

Trey Clemmons listed offers from Murray State and FIU, with interest from Florida State, Miami, Ole Miss, Vanderbilt, Troy, and Clemson.

Herman Williams listed offers from FIU, Murray State, and Troy, with interest from Clemson, Miami, Mississippi State, Oregon State, Iowa, and WVU.

Aric Holman listed offers from Oklahoma State, Texas Tech, VCU, Memphis, FGCU, Auburn, Morehead State, Murray State, NKU, and WKU.

Eli Wright lists offers from Indiana, Virginia Tech, Kansas State, Murray State, WKU, Purdue, Mississippi State, UAB, Tennessee, Oklahoma State, Wright State, and MTSU; he stated that Mississippi State & Indiana are coming at him the hardest.

2017 Jalek Felton

2017 Jalek Felton

2017 Team Felton guard Jalek Felton lists early interest from UNC, USC, Clemson, Wichita State, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisville, Syracuse, Maryland, Virginia, Virginia Tech, Michigan, and Michigan State.

Brandon McCoy lists interest from Kansas, Arizona, Cal, Pepperdine, San Diego State, and Northwestern.

Charles O’Bannon Jr. lists an offer from UNLV, with interest from Cal, Tulsa, Arizona, DePaul, Pepperdine, Southern Utah, Notre Dame, and Xavier.

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