Corey Evans, HoopsIntel National Recruiting Analyst, on May 21, 2014
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There has not been a kid that has run up recruiting charts throughout the Midwest than Esa Ahmad. The Shaker Heights (OH) product owes it to his physical development in tidying up his frame and working on his foot speed, allowing for the forward to play much further away from the bucket. He is an alpha-dog of sorts where he can post up the weaker defender on the block, yet can go out on the perimeter and hit the three-point jumper, both off the catch and off the bounce, when guarded by bigger defenders. Ahmad has some deceiving bounce at the bucket with some thunder on top and is capable of taking slower defenders off the bounce with his right hand. Defensively, Ahmad is capable of guarding different spots on the floor and is physical in defending the post. Thus, there is a reason why such programs like West Virginia, Rutgers, Maryland, and Ohio State have made the kid such a priority in recent months.


Since the April live period, the rising senior’s stock has blown up to the next level. When asked as to how his recruitment has changed, if at all, Ahmad stated that, “Bigger schools have come on board a lot since then. A lot has changed. Ohio State, UNLV, UConn is now showing interest, along with Seton Hall.”


Although Ahmad stated that he had no leaders at the time being, the All-Ohio Red forward seemed to feel that Ohio State, Maryland, and West Virginia were coming at him the hardest and have made him a priority recruit within their respective 2015 recruiting class.


Fresh off an unofficial visit to West Virginia today, Ahmad spoke very highly on what he saw.


“I met with the coaches and Coach Huggins, saw the campus, the Coliseum, and the practice gym.”


Ahmad is attempting to also visit Wisconsin, Michigan, and Michigan State in the coming weeks.

When it comes down to it, the Ohio native is looking to narrow things down to a final group of five schools shortly after July, take his visits, and decide around September. Immediate playing time, style of play, and his relationship with the coaching staff will be the main factors in helping him select his college decision. Until then, expect for Esa Ahmad to continue to blow up and see his stock hit national status before things are said and done with.


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